Mafia, sentenced to 30 years for murder: Syracusan boss goes under house arrest

The Court of Review ordered the precautionary measure of house arrest against Luciano De Carolis, 48, sentenced together with Alessio Attanasio, 52, last October 20, to 30 years, in the first instance, for the murder of Angelo Shooter. The Review accepted the request of the lawyer, the lawyer Sebastiano Troia. The reasons will be filed in 45 days. De Carolis was put in prison after his conviction. According to the magistrates of the DDA of Catania, Attanasio would be at the head of the clan and De Carolis a member of the same clan. The episode dates back to May 4, 2001: Shooter was killed with six 38-caliber pistol shots in via Gaetano Barresi, north of Syracuse.

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