Mafia: Ps Catania seizes a million assets from Mario Strano – Sicily

Exponent of the Cappello-Bonaccorsi clan, nominees managed companies

(ANSA) – CATANIA, FEBRUARY 26 – Assets worth one million euros were seized by the police in Catania from Mario Strano, 55, currently detained and subjected several times to personal and property prevention measures because he was believed to belong to the Cappello mafia gang. Bonaccorsi. Seals were placed on a building in the historic center, a vehicle and the company Sc Logistica srl, operating in the transport sector, and its entire corporate assets consisting, among other things, of 17 vehicles, including semi-trailers and tractors. The provision was issued by the Prevention Measures section of the Court on the joint proposal of the Public Prosecutor and the Catania Quaestor. Strano had passed from the Santapaola clan to the Cappello-Bonaccorsi clan and was arrested as part of the Chameleon anti-mafia operation of 23 June 2020, together with other members of the clan, for mafia association and drug dealing.
In the proceedings of today’s provision, the economic-financial analysis of the ‘patrimonialists’ of the Anticrime Division and of the Mobile Squad of the Police Headquarters on the seized assets which, according to the accusation, although formally and fictitiously in the name of third parties, were attributable to him.
From the investigations it emerged that, “after the seizure of the Catasped company, which took place in 2017, in order not to lose important customers of important companies in the North, Strano would have ‘suggested creating a new company’, making it registered to the son of an ‘efficient collaborator’ by creating in fact the company seized today “. In an interception on the record of the request the police hear one of the owners of the company being defined as a ‘secretary’. On another occasion, the woman “expressed her intention of wanting to ‘quit her job’, after a reproach received from Mario Strano, and, feeling ‘offended’, affirmed that ‘it was not worth taking those risks for 900 euros'”. It also emerged that he himself issued directives, including through family members, also on the hiring of workers up to a few days before his arrest. (HANDLE).