Mafia: Old Borgetto boss linked to American clans, son in NY

The content revolves around Francesco Rappa, also known as Ciccio, a historical mafia boss from Borgetto who has been definitively convicted three times for mafia association. The investigation by the Dda of Palermo has led to the arrest of seven people in Sicily for mafia and extortion. The probe, led by SCO and the FBI, has also resulted in the arrest of ten individuals in the US, confirming the existence of a strong criminal axis between the Borgetto, Partinico, and Torretta clans and the Gambino family in New York. Rappa has been involved in colossal drug trafficking between Cosa Nostra in Sicily and the US since the 1970s, and was arrested in the US with 81 kilograms of heroin hidden in his car. After serving three convictions, Rappa resumed his influential position within the clan and maintained connections with mafia members, such as the Gambino family in New York, where his son currently resides. Authorities believe his son, Gabriele, is affiliated with the criminal mafia organization overseas. Prosecutors claim Rappa continued to act as a privileged and authoritative intermediary for the mafia organization in the US, perpetuating his delicate role as a link between the Sicilian mafia and the American counterpart, thanks to his son.

Mafia, il vecchio boss di Borgetto Ciccio Rappa era il trait d’union con i clan americani: il figlio vive a New York

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