Mafia now demanding payment by invoice, alarm raised in Palermo: “Tension is decreasing”

Explain briefly the following article:

The article highlights that the main characteristic of the mafia organizations is extortion, which guarantees wealth and presence in the territory. They are increasingly infiltrating the legal economy and forming alliances to compete with foreign criminal organizations. According to the report presented by the Regional Anti-Mafia Commission in Sicily, the mafia is expanding its control through extortion activities and has a strong grip on the social fabric, leading to a sense of indifference among the population. The mafia is also involved in the drug trade, with a focus on controlling the distribution networks. The report also mentions the mafia’s involvement in various sectors of the economy, such as energy, waste management, and tourism. The mafia’s influence is particularly prevalent in regions with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The article also discusses how mafia groups are able to manipulate the system, limit competition, and exploit legal loopholes to further their criminal activities.

Gli estortori ora si pagano con la fattura, l’allarme della commissione antimafia a Palermo: «C’è un calo di tensione»

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