Mafia meetings and bugs Restaurateur and electrician in trouble

PALERMO – Two new precautionary measures in the survey on the Licata mafia. At the request of the DDA of Palermor ends under house arrest Antonino Cusumano, while Antonino Massaro is required to present to the judicial police. This is a new chapter of the investigation that has already involved Giovanni Lauria, considered the head of the Licata family, his son Vito, Angelo Lauria, Giacomo Casa, Giovanni Mugnos and Raimondo Semprevivo. The Judge for the preliminary findings disputes other hypotheses of crime, including the possession of weapons.

Cusumano is investigated for aiding and abetting. He would have acted as the intermediary for confidential communications between Mugnos and Casa and made available for the meetings of the mafia the restaurant-bar "Al Sombrero" in Licata of which he was …

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