Mafia, Matteo Messina Denaro trial: the former repentant Calcara against prosecutor Paci

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Three letters written by a former repentant against prosecutor Gabriele Paci will be sent to the Court of Catania for competence. This was ordered by the Court of Assizes of Caltanissetta in the ongoing trial against the fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro, accused of being the instigator of the Capaci and Via d’Amelio massacres.

The correspondence, consisting of two letters and a complaint written by the former collaborator of justice Vincenzo Calcara, was received by the Court presided over by Judge Roberta Serio, who gave notice at the opening of the hearing without acquiring it in the documents of the file.

The content of the three letters refers to the indictment conducted by the deputy prosecutor Paci, in the course of which he defined the former repentant «one of those who polluted the wells, referring to some omissions found in his minutes. “The statements of Calcara, in this process, have already been evaluated during the indictment”, says the prosecutor who, after having read the three letters, requests the transmission of the documents to the Court of Catania, competent for the facts concerning the magistrates serving in the Caltanissetta district.

In the correspondence, among other things, the former repentant recalls having started his collaboration with the magistrate Paolo Borsellino,