Mafia in Randazzo, the 21 arrests of the Burnt Earth blitz confirmed

Prison confirmed at the Review for the vast majority of the suspects of the military operation of the Randazzo weapon in the province of Catania, Terra Bruciata: the Judge assessed the topicality of the precautionary needs against them, sanctioned custody in prison for 16 people, while for the remaining 5 he ordered house arrest. The investigation that photographed the period between July 2018 and January 2021, made it possible to monitor the evolution of the associative dynamics of the «Laudani» family, also known as «mussi i ficurinia», identifying, in the state of the documents, the present «responsible for the Randazzo area» in Salvatore Turi Sangani, together with his 2 sons. The news of the decision of the court of Liberty arrives on the day of the thirtieth year of the triple homicide of Antonio Spartà, 57 years old and his 2 sons, Pietro Vincenzo of 26 and Salvatore of 19. For that crime the Court of Cassation in 2006 sentenced to life imprisonment Oliviero Sangani.