Mafia in Palermo demanded protection money but businessmen resisted reporting

Extortion was among the main activities of the Resuttana mafia group, whose members were arrested in an investigation conducted by the mobile squad of Palermo and the investigative section of Sco, on behalf of the anti-mafia district direction. The owner of a construction company reported to the police that she had been asked for protection money by a man on an electric moped. The next day, she reported another intimidation at the construction site to the police. According to the Dda magistrates, Antonino Fontana, one of the suspects, would have been the executor of the extortion requests, and acted on behalf of the mafiosi Carlo Giannusa and Mario Napoli, who were also arrested in the operation. The mafiosi complained that despite their warnings, none of the entrepreneurs came forward to pay.

Palermo, i mafiosi di Resuttana chiedevano il pizzo ma gli imprenditori denunciavano senza pagare

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