Mafia in Nisseno 10 sent to trial in Caltanissetta – the Nisseno fact

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Caltanissetta, 22 June – Ten suspects were sent for trial by the Gup of the court of Caltanissetta Graziella Luparello.
They had gotten into trouble as part of the anti-mafia blitz “La bella vita”, conducted by the mobile squad and coordinated by the Nissena Dda.
According to the indictment, some of them were trying to get the Cosa Nostra mafia family back on their feet by running a ring of extortion and cocaine dealing.
Others, traders and entrepreneurs, are instead accused of aiding and abetting for having denied having immediately requests for protection money or having tried to take advantage of contacts with some mafia members.
Carmelo Bontempo, 44, Fabio Meli, 44, Giovanni Puzzanghera, 45, Francesco Zappia, 48, Ernesto Mirandi, 39, Giuseppe Polizzi, 43, Giovanni Vinciguerra, 36, were sent to trial; and the entrepreneurs Michele Amico, 42, Massimiliano Iorio, 43 and Michele Todaro, 43.
Another suspect, Mario Ragusa, 29, accused of single episodes of cocaine dealing had negotiated the sentence of 6 months.
The trial will start in September.

News from Sicily 2022-06-22 21:42:00

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