Mafia in Belmonte, the video of the ambush against the businessman Benigno: "They shot me". Escape and then arrest


The ambush against the building contractor Giuseppe Benigno, taken by the cameras in Belmonte Mezzagno. The attempted murder occurred on December 2 in via Kennedy, busy country road on the outskirts of Palermo. The images frame two people, riding a scooter, who shoot Benigno's car exploding nine shots.
The carabinieri kept an eye on the businessman, so much so that they record the phone call made by him to a woman immediately after the ambush: "I was shot and I'm in the car. I'm going to the Civic hospital. All right".
"But what do you say, where?" Replies a woman.
"I swear to you now in the village," says Benigno.
"To you? Bedda matri, Giuseppe ”, the woman says frightened.
After the ambush, an entrepreneur had taken refuge from some relatives in Piubega, a municipality in the province of Mantua, where he was tracked down and then arrested. According to the accusation, "Belonged to the Mafia family of Belmonte Mezzagno, operated in contact with the leaders of the mandate headed by Salvatore Francesco Tumminia (and, before the Cupola 2.0 operation, with Filippo Bisconti), facilitated extortion, helped affiliates in controlling the territory, mediated contacts and meetings with members to the various mafia families. He was also active in solving problems within the association. "

The investigation into the ambush is part of the investigation against the Mafia clan of Belmonte Mezzagno, recently the scene of two murders. The carabinieri of the provincial command today arrested Salvatore Tumminia again, believed to be the new chief of command; would take the place of Salvatore Sciarabba and Filippo Bisconti, both arrested in December 2018. Bisconti now collaborates with justice. The boss was recently released after being convicted of mafia association in the Perseus operation in December 2008.
According to investigators, he took control of the gang by managing the extortion sector and infiltrating the city's institutions.

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