Mafia: hands on drug dealing and fibrillation with rivals

(ANSA) – CATANIA, NOVEMBER 29 – The Milanese Cursoti clan allegedly exercised full criminal control over the entire San Berillo Nuovo district of Catania, including those parts of the neighborhood which, in the recent past, had passed under the control of the Cappello clan- Bonaccorsi, like the Corso Indipendenza area. This is what emerges from the Zeus operation of the police which carried out a precautionary custody order issued by the Gip Dora Catena. The investigations by the mobile team and the SCO were coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Ingazio Fonzo and by the substitutes Assunta Musella and Tiziana Laudani.

In particular, the investigation crystallized several moments of internal fibrillation within the clan due to the alleged criminal rise of Carmelo Distefano against the historical group headed by Rosario Pitarà, which resulted in a series of episodes of violence with the use of firearms . In the context of the situation of high fibrillation that has arisen, a member of the clan, Nicola Christian Parisi, acting under the aegis of Pitarà, disputes the prosecutor’s office, would have opposed the organization and the “drug dealing squares”. And in this context of violence, the DDA reconstructs, the attempted murder of a brother-in-law of Parisi, Giuseppe La Placa, who had returned to the Cursoti Milanesi clan, after having passed through the Cappello-Bonaccorsi gang, should be framed. Released on 24 August 2018 from the Rossano prison, after serving a long prison sentence, Carmelo Distefano, thanks to his criminal charisma, would have managed to compact under his leadership the two family factions that make up the backbone of the clan, sedating them internal tensions and downsizing Parisi’s presumed leadership aspirations, who would then align himself with the wishes of the capocosca who had returned to freedom. The investigations, observes the Public Prosecutor’s Office, would have made it possible to reconstruct the organization chart of the mafia consortium, whose top would have been identified in Carmelo Distefano, who would be assisted by lieutenants Natale Gurreri and Giuseppe Pierà. .