Mafia: Gdf Syracuse seizes assets for 1 million from a restaurateur

(ANSA) – SYRACUSE, 04 JAN – Assets worth over one million euros were seized by the Guardia di Finanza of Syracuse from a restaurateur, Gaetano Maieli, indicated as “belonging to the Mafia ‘family’ of Bottaro Attanasio”. The provision was issued by the Prevention Measures section of the Court of Catania at the request of the District Attorney’s Office of the capital of Etna based on the patrimonial investigations of the financiers of the Economic and Financial Police unit of Syracuse. According to the indictment, Maieli “by reusing illicit proceeds deriving from drug dealing, set up and launched a well-known commercial activity in the capital operating in the restaurant sector in an area with a strong tourist vocation” formally entrusting its management to his partner and a figurehead uncensored”. The illicit proceeds, disputes the District Attorney of Catania, would have been used to purchase an apartment in Syracuse with about six rooms (ANSA).