Mafia: Fondachelli Fantina Mayor Suspended after Conviction

Francesco Pettinato, the mayor of Fondachelli Fantina in the province of Messina, has been suspended following his conviction by the Barcellona PG court. The decision was made in accordance with the “Severino Law” after the prosecutor’s office at the Messina court sent over the sentence issued on September 11th by the Barcellona PG court, sentencing Pettinato to 7 years and 6 months. He was accused of extortion with mafia aggravation in collusion with unidentified individuals. The case stems from investigations related to the 2017 regional elections campaign, in which Pettinato’s son Marco was also a candidate and was acquitted. The main trial ended in acquittal for all, while Pettinato’s case was separated. He was accused of threatening a young person to return money given to influence voters.

Mafia, dopo la condanna sospeso sindaco di Fondachelli Fantina

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