Mafia driver Di Messina Denaro wants his trial open to public

The article talks about Giovanni Luppino, an agricultural entrepreneur from Campobello di Mazara who was arrested along with Matteo Messina Denaro. Luppino has requested that his trial, which was supposed to be held behind closed doors due to the fast-track procedure, be open to the public. The next hearing will take place on March 13, and the prosecution is seeking a sentence of 14 years and 4 months in prison for Luppino. The accusations against him include aiding and abetting the mafia boss.

Luppino initially claimed to have been unaware of Messina Denaro’s true identity and only thought he was a sick person in need of medical treatment. However, evidence suggests that Luppino was actively involved in aiding the mafia boss by taking him to clinics for treatment multiple times. Luppino’s sons, Antonio and Vincenzo, have also been arrested for aiding and abetting Messina Denaro during his time on the run.

Overall, the article discusses the legal proceedings against Luppino and his alleged involvement in aiding a notorious mafia boss.

Mafia, l’autista di Messina Denaro chiede che il processo a suo carico sia aperto al pubblico

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