Mafia del Vallone, Gallodoro blitz the Caltanissetta prosecutor asks for five sentences

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Rita Cinardi
June 22, 2022 8:08 pm

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The Prosecutor’s Office of Caltanissetta has asked for five sentences for the defendants involved in the trial resulting from the “Gallodoro” anti-mafia blitz.
These are the requests: 18 years for Calogero Modica, a 78 year old from Campofranco; 12 years for Salvuccio Favata, 48 years from Mussomeli; 7 years and 6 months for Giuseppe Gioacchino di Carlo, 50 years old from Campofranco; 5 years and 4 months for Carmelo Conti, 50 years of Casteltermini; 4 years for the 45-year-old Salvatore Puma, from Agrigento.
The investigation of the Carabinieri on the Vallone mafia, and of the latter’s relations with the clans of Agrigento, had brought to light episodes of extortion against traders and entrepreneurs as well as drug dealing.
In Modica the crime of mafia association and extortion is challenged, in Favata a criminal association aimed at the sale of drugs, while Puma, Conti and Di Carlo are accused of dealing cocaine.
The five are defended by lawyers Antonio Impellizzeri, Giuseppe Dacquì, Davide Schillaci, Walter Tesauro and Giovanni Castronovo.

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