Mafia, Bonafede was more than a figurehead of Messina Denaro

Secret rooms sought to bring to light, like patient archaeologists, the treasures of boss Matteo Messina Denaro. And in the investigation into his fugitiveness, new chapters full of details about his lifestyle beyond the law and about his “friends” willing to guarantee him that golden freedom open up, minute by minute. In the evening, the figurehead of the primrose was also arrested, the fifty-nine-year-old alias Andrea Bonafede, the surveyor who had stripped himself of his identity card, in fact of his existence, to give it to the godfather and guarantee his health and long life at the meeting of the criminal organization. “A task of extreme trust that can only be given to a loyal, fully affiliated and certainly not to a fortuitous acquaintance to whom one addresses during a fortuitous meeting”, writes the judge for preliminary investigations Alfredo Montalto in the order that sends the factotum in prison on charges of mafia association. «The boss could not have turned to anyone other than a person fully inserted in the associative context to have that prolonged contribution and support that was fully outlined in the investigations – write the prosecutors in the arrest request – Only an associate who enjoyed the total trust of the fugitive could in fact be entrusted with such delicate tasks» .