Mafia blitz in Trapanese, one of the arrested released

After the Dia, police, and carabinieri carried out the anti-mafia operation Scialandro in Trapani, Valderice, and Custonaci, Giuseppe Maranzano, one of the 21 people involved, has been released. The Court of Liberty accepted the request from lawyer Nino Sugamele and annulled the order issued by the judge in Palermo, ordering Maranzano’s immediate release from Pagliarelli prison, where he was being held. Maranzano, 59, is believed to be affiliated with the Valderice mafia family. He was allegedly mentioned by Vito Manzo, another person involved in the operation, to have had a meeting in a cave with Matteo Messina Denaro, who was still a fugitive at the time. It is reported that Messina Denaro intervened in a shortfall of 50,000 euros from the Valderice family’s extortion activities.

Blitz di mafia nel Trapanese, scarcerato uno degli arrestati: era accusato di far parte del clan di Valderice

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