Mafia blitz in Trapanese, another suspect released: accused of aiding cosa nostra

Andrea Maurizio Buzzitta has been released from custody as the serious evidence of guilt against him has been lacking. The Court of Freedom annulled the detention order issued by the judge for preliminary investigations of the Palermo court in response to a request from Buzzitta’s lawyer, Alberto Mazzeo. Buzzitta was accused of aiding the mafia. In a related case, Giuseppe Maranzano was also released from prison and the Court of Freedom in Palermo granted the request from Maranzano’s lawyer, Nino Sugamele. The Scialandro anti-mafia operation resulted in the arrest of 21 people, including the former deputy mayor of Custonaci, Carlo Guarano. The investigation revealed connections between the old local administration and mafia groups in the area, enabling them to influence the distribution of solidarity contributions and the awarding of public contracts to colluding companies. This included the hiring of a life prisoner in order to benefit from parole.

Blitz di mafia nel Trapanese, scarcerato un altro degli indagati: era accusato di favoreggiamento a cosa nostra

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