Mafia Blitz: 21 Arrested, Documents Seized from Custonaci Municipal Office

The Anti-Mafia Investigative Directorate, the State Police of Trapani, and the investigative unit of the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri of Trapani have arrested 17 people and placed 4 others under house arrest as part of an anti-Mafia operation coordinated by the Dda of Palermo. The operation targeted the Mafia families of Custonaci, Valderice, and Trapani, all belonging to the Cosa Nostra syndicate in Trapani. The homes of several suspects were searched, and technical-administrative and accounting documentation was acquired from the Municipality of Custonaci. The operation, named “Scialandro,” lasted two years and involved the collaboration of various law enforcement agencies. The investigation uncovered connections between members of the previous municipal administration of Custonaci and the Mafia, who manipulated the local government to benefit themselves financially. These corrupt activities included influencing the allocation of pandemic relief funds and public contracts. Additionally, the Mafia exerted control over the region through extortion and intimidation tactics against agricultural business owners.

Mafia, blitz contro le cosche trapanesi: 21 arresti, acquisiti documenti al Comune di Custonaci

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