Mafia after the confiscations, the Palermo entrepreneur Ferdico acquitted

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Yet another twist in the trial of Giuseppe Ferdico, an entrepreneur in the sector of the sale of detergents in Palermo, accused of external competition in a mafia association.
The court of appeal of the capital, to which the sixth section of the Court of Cassation that had annulled the sentence of 9 years and 4 months of imprisonment had postponed the trial, acquitted the accused.
The entrepreneur, who had assets confiscated for 100 million, had been acquitted in the first instance, but the sentence had been overturned on appeal with a sentence of 9 years and 4 months.
The Cassation had canceled with postponement.

Today the new acquittal.
In just a few years, Ferdico has built up an economic empire in the detergent sector.
A long and complex judicial history that of the accused arrived at trial after three requests for dismissal by the prosecutors and the forced indictment ordered by the GUP.
Parallel to the criminal trial against the accused, the prevention procedure was carried out which led to the confiscation of the assets.
For the court there were indications that Ferdico was a mafia and that he had laundered Cosa Nostra money.
“Ferdico’s entrepreneurial rise – wrote the magistrates – is associated with the constant ability to deserve the trust of numerous leading exponents of the coterie, so much so that he is fully inserted among the money launderers of one of the most rooted mafia families in the economic fabric of cities like that of Acquasanta ».


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