Mafia: 207 processions monitored in 2022

(ANSA) – PALERMO, DECEMBER 30 – “There were 207 processions monitored in 2022 between the city of Palermo and the province. In particular, attention was focused on the itineraries to be followed. In one case, in Cerda, we arranged the change of route in others, 7 or 8 in Palermo, we instead imposed a ban on stopping. I am referring to the phenomenon of ‘bowing’ in front of the house of offenders for the Mafia, in particular or stopping in front of the boss’s house. In Cerda the route has been changed while parking has been prevented in Palermo”. This was stated by the commissioner of Palermo, Leopoldo Laricchia, as he met the press for the traditional exchange of year-end greetings, an opportunity also to take stock of the situation with the media.

“After the events of previous years – he explained – in agreement with the curiae of Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù, whoever organizes a religious event must communicate it to the Police Headquarters. We have therefore ‘mapped’ all the places along the routes paying great attention to the homes of offenders and boss, intervening in the cases I have listed”.

The activity of the Police Headquarters was concentrated – in addition to the fight against mafia crime – also “on the most heinous crimes: in particular brawls, robberies, thefts: in this last aspect I would like to mention, above all, the phenomenon of the Arab-zone gang – explained the commissioner – made up largely of minors who acted in the historic center terrorizing boys and girls”. A phenomenon that – like drugs – arouses the attention of the police is that of the great diffusion of alcohol, especially among minors: “many fights inside and outside clubs are also determined by this”.

“In two cases – he concluded – individuals who sold alcohol to minors under the age of 16 were reported and I ordered the closure and simultaneous definitive withdrawal of the licence”.