Madonie’s aromatic herbs ready to make their way to the USA

The company “Gangi Dante,” leader of the Aromatiche Madonie project, has hosted an American delegation involved in import/export of agri-food products. The delegation is conducting a tour to familiarize themselves with the social and cultural context, processing procedures, and staff of their supplier. Gangi Dante, along with their project partners, aims to represent the entire region during the visit, with the presence of the mayor of Resuttano, the director of Gal ISC Madonie, and project partners. The visit included a themed lunch at an agritourism center, highlighting local herbs and products. This was an opportunity to showcase the area and its entrepreneurial capacity, cooperation spirit, and quality of agri-food production, while emphasizing sustainable practices and environmental and health considerations. Interviews with various participants are included in the video.

Le erbe aromatiche delle Madonie pronte a sbarcare negli Usa

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