Madonie, the Park approves the maneuver. here are all the news for 2023

The Madonie Park Council has approved the budget adjustment by forfeiting 250,000 euros which the regional councilorship for the territory and the environment has assigned to the institution as an extraordinary contribution.

The sums, reads a note, will be divided as follows: 50 thousand euros for the purchase or renewal of equipment useful for the activities and creation of the dedicated corporate network; 25 thousand euros for the renewal of personnel clothing (especially for those who work in front office workstations and information desks); 20 thousand euros for assignments for new projects or renewal, updating and updating of projects already owned by the entity; 15 thousand euros will be allocated to training courses (English and communication) for employees. And again, 100,000 euros will go to new studies and research of a scientific nature or to update or complete existing studies and plans. Investments of 40,000 euros are also planned for activities related to membership of the Unesco Global Geopark network.

«Another year full of activities comes to an end, in which we have tried to make the Madonie brand grow more and more – says Angelo Merlino, president of the Park Authority, satisfied -. A year in which we returned to planning investments, the result of extraordinary funding such as the latter from the regional councilor for the territory and the environment. I thank both the new councilor Elena Pagana but also her predecessor Toto Cordaro, who has included those sums in the budget. We have worked – he adds – in concert with the mayors who make up the Park Council, also on the release of sums present in our budget, which have remained unused. Resources will be invested in the municipal areas that are part of the Park with the renewal/integration of signs in the paths, the opening of new urban geological paths such as the Giudecca di Cefalù path and the arrangement of the Scillato Water Museum. Furthermore, the first Geoparkpoint and the first immersive museum dedicated to the geology of the Madonie will be born», concludes Merlino.

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