M5S Lite Tra Ex, Tancredi wins in appeal but fails to recover 15 thousand euros

Sergio Tancredi, a former regional deputy from Mazara del Vallo, has been trying to recover the money he paid to Antonio Venturino, his former party colleague, as compensation for defamation. Tancredi was initially convicted of defamation but later acquitted on appeal. Despite his acquittal, Venturino refused to return the 15,000 euros in damages and 1,300 euros in legal expenses that Tancredi had paid. Tancredi’s lawyers obtained a court order to seize Venturino’s assets, but they have been unable to locate his bank account. The only asset they have identified so far is a property owned by Venturino in Piazza Armerina. Tancredi expressed frustration with the situation and hopes for an apology from Venturino.

Lite tra ex M5S, Tancredi vince in Appello ma non riesce a recuperare 15 mila euro

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