M5S in Sicily restarts from Ragusa, Di Paola: “We’re going back to the people”

The content discusses the new phase of the Five Star Movement in Italy, which aims to gather activists from all over Sicily to promote new battles and initiatives, such as collecting signatures for a minimum wage. The movement plans to mobilize activists through the establishment of new territorial groups, with the goal of having around 40 groups by September or October. The regional representative emphasized the importance of face-to-face meetings and the need to address various issues caused by the government, such as cuts to welfare programs and healthcare. President Giuseppe Conte also spoke at the meeting, urging activists to collect signatures for the minimum wage and dispelling rumors that those earning more would be affected by it. Conte criticized the government for lacking vision and courage, and stated that the movement’s strength lies in its territorial groups. The former minister Nunzia Catalfo also announced initiatives to provide technical explanations and webinars on relevant topics.

Riparte da Ragusa la nuova fase del M5S in Sicilia, Di Paola: “Torniamo tra la gente”

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