Luxury Private Properties relaunches 3 historic hotels in Sicily

Rome, Feb. 26 (Labitalia) – Three Sicilian hotel structures, including the historic Hotel Excelsior in Palermo, will be recovered and relaunched thanks to the development contract signed by Luxury Private Properties, a tourism sector company focused on hotel investments in the luxury segment, which has focused on three strategic locations of the island: as well as on the capital, also Syracuse and Taormina. Thanks to the financing obtained by Invitalia for over 14.5 million euros, therefore, it will avoid the closure of the Hotel Exclesior in Palermo, which will go from 4 to 5 luxury stars with a restyling and the offer of additional services, while maintaining occupational levels existing (VIDEO). “The development contract we have signed – explains Costanza Giotti, partner and administrator of Luxury Private Properties – provides for the purchase and redevelopment of a structure in Palermo, the redevelopment and renovation of a structure in Syracuse and one in Taormina. The leitmotif of our companies is precisely to focus on historic buildings recognized by the Superintendency, which we intend to recover with a socio-cultural impact, from our point of view, interesting for the community “. “The entrepreneurial choice to invest in Sicily, in the destinations of Taormina and Syracuse, in luxury hotels and historic buildings, was taken regardless of the presentation of the development contract, it is part of our commercial expansion strategy, so we would have however pursued. Invitalia has allowed us to push on the accelerator, to aim at a higher target, to be able to make more significant and more important investments, also to protect the recovery of real estate assets, and has also allowed us to close the circle by inserting in our destination Palermo too and thus creating a small chain of independent, luxury hotels with 100% Italian capital ”. “The economic security of being able to count on the contributions disbursed by Invitalia – continues Costanza Giotti – has motivated us more, being able to do more things first, better, and also more performing from the point of view of environmental impact, respecting the planned employment plan in the development contract “. “The development contract – he assures – is an effective tool for economic planning, dialogue and collaboration between public and private sectors. From the very beginning, from the presentation of the application for admission to the subsidies, during the investigation, monitoring and the phases of disbursement of contributions, we have been assisted and supported by interfacing with highly professional personalities and with the utmost collaborative spirit “. “Invitalia, while managing public contributions, must comply – he states – with the rules of the Italian system bureaucracy; on the other hand, the rigor and attention with which the applications for admission, the proponents, the beneficiaries are examined, as well as the monitoring of the investment itself, is a guarantee of correct allocation of public resources, to protect – he concludes – of truly deserving ideas and above all of virtuous and more capable entrepreneurs ”.

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