Luck kisses Catania, hit a 5 at SuperEnalotto | BlogSicily

  • Sicily scores, in Catania hit a “5” of 46 thousand euros +
  • the winnings in the tobacconist’s in via Monsignor Ventimiglia
  • Meanwhile, the Jackpot is still growing reaching 133.8 million euros

Sicily confirms itself as a lucky region thanks to SuperEnalotto: in the competition on Tuesday 6 April, in fact, a “5” of 46,606.95 euros was hit.

In a tobacconist’s

The win, reports agipronews, was validated at the tobacconist’s in via Monsignor Ventimiglia 103 in Catania. Meanwhile, the Jackpot is still growing reaching 133.8 million euros which will be up for grabs in the next draw. The last winning sestina arrived on 7 July, with the 59.4 million euros finished in Sassari, while in Sicily the “6” has not appeared since April 2018, with the 130 million won in Caltanissetta.

Winnings from the Italy Lottery in January

Sicily had been blessed with luck even on the occasion of the last Italy lottery. The second prize of the Lottery Italy of 2,000,000 euros, in fact, went to coupon G 162904 sold in Prizzi, in province of Palermo. The € 1 million third prize was won by ticket A 066635 sold in San Gallicano nel Lazio, in the province of Rome. The fourth prize of 500,000 euros goes to coupon D 114310 sold in Altavilla Irpina, in the province of Avellino, and the fifth and final first category prize of 250,000 euros goes to coupon A 211417 sold in Cavarzere, in the province of Venice. The winning ticket bearing, therefore, the first prize of 5 million euros went to Pesaro.

In December the Casa win

Previously, in December, it was the ‘Vinci Casa’ scratch card lottery that landed again in Sicily. With 2 euros played in one bookshop in Modica (Rg) a lucky one on that occasion won a prize for a total value of one million euros by purchasing two cards of the game “VinciCasa”, who is giving away a house and cash every day. The first prize of the competition went to a visitor to the reception bar in via Sacro Cuore, in the Sorda district: he guessed 5 numbers out of 40, winning a “house + € 200,000 immediately”.