Luce a Messina 2, here are the first works. PHOTO – Tight time

After delivery on Tuesday, they should be completed by May 16

The redevelopment of the lighting system of the Villa Contino climb inside the Messina 2 complex began yesterday, after the formal delivery last Tuesday.

The contract execution times are set at ninety days from the delivery date, therefore by May 16th.

The lighting system had been deactivated with resolution number 453 of 2014, of the Accorinti council, which provided for the detachment of about 1,200 light points in private areas.

The resolution was revoked by the De Luca council on 27 October 2020, because it considered that, in some private areas such as Messina 2, there may be a public interest.

Along the 1400 meters between Salita Contino (which will be expanded at the same time) and via Catara Lettieri, the poles will be replaced and 59 LED lighting fixtures with 35 watt power will be placed, the removed electrical cables will be relocated, using aluminum conductors and not copper for avoid further thefts, and the electrical panel will be placed.

The works were awarded to the Costruzioni Generali and engineering services srl of Messina for an amount of 120 thousand euros plus VAT, net of the auction discount.