“Lucarelli ignores the delay of Sicilian infrastructures”

After the post and the controversy aroused by the image of waste in the city posted by the journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli, the Councilor for Ecology of the Municipality Fabio Cantarella intervened. Via Negrelli has been cleaned up but the exponent of the Pogliese council immediately states that the body offers its apologies, for the images with the streets full of waste, “to all those citizens who pay the Tari and who do the differentiated”.

“The disservice was created – explains Cantarella – due to the large quantities of undifferentiated waste left by those who do not separate. In places where there is separate collection, the collection took place on time. The emergency was suffered by the Municipality as it was determined from the intermittent operation of the landfill and thanks to the commitment of the administration and the interlocutors of the mayor with the Region, a solution was found for the delivery of waste. The incivility of many has led to an enormous increase in the heaps of waste, even obstructing the passage of some streets “. As soon as the OK was received from the other Sicilian landfills, including that of Palermo, the commissioner explains that an action has been started to recover the “previous”. “We started to clean up the various city areas and it took a few days because of the backlog. When Lucarelli published that photo the emergency was already largely overcome because the previous Saturday we had cleaned up that site, which was the subject of washing and sanitizing as well as the others. So if she had inquired she would have known the conditions of the route “. “It has centered a very important problem – continues the commissioner – which is that of waste. It is a pity that you ignore that Sicily pays for decades and decades of backwardness also in the environmental and infrastructural field. Waste-to-energy plants are built in all parts of Italy but in Sicily do not exist and the waste plan remained on Minister Costa’s table for a long time. It is true and I agree with the journalist: Sicily needs help. What it needs is to have real autonomy and not to depend on Rome for decisions on the structures or would not need to have an appeal to the TAR of some associations that have canceled Article 5 of the Sblocca Italia which provided for the construction of 2 waste-to-energy plants “. “We did ours: we have a new contract that will start, in the South and North lots, with door-to-door differentiation. The Region has made progress in the global percentages of differentiation”, concludes Cantarella.

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