Looters and vandals on Marchese di Villabianca Street: ‘Smashed windows and damaged headlights, thanks Palermo!’

Cars vandalized and burglarized in Palermo, not only in the historic center. After the cars targeted between Via Maqueda and Piazza Sant’Anna, now it’s the turn of those in the residential area of ​​the city. “Smashed glass, broken hood, stolen headlights: thanks Palermo!” are the bitter words of a resident of Via Marchese di Villabianca. A parked red Fiat Cinquecento X was targeted at the corner of Via Filippo Cordova. The photo speaks for itself: shattered windows and stolen headlights, damages that will cost the owner hundreds of euros. Similar incidents have already occurred a few days ago in Via Calderai, where a young man from Palermo found both his and his wife’s car vandalized within a week. He had to spend almost five hundred euros for repairs. In the first car, parked on the street after finding the garage closed, he found the windows smashed. In the second car, in addition to the shattered windows, everything inside was stolen. But it doesn’t end there, because in the same area, the owner of a commercial business had his van targeted, resulting in damages worth about eight hundred euros. Similar raids have also occurred in Piazza Unità d’Italia, at the intersection with Via Leopardi, and in Via Petrarca. As for thefts, three days ago a thirty-year-old and a minor were arrested. The first was caught by the carabinieri while breaking into a car by forcing the door with a large screwdriver on Viale Strasbourg and trying to take items from the passenger compartment. In Borgo Nuovo, the minor was trying to escape aboard another parked car. He was caught after a brief chase.

Ladri e vandali in via Marchese di Villabianca: «Vetri sfondati e fanali andati, grazie Palermo!»

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