live volunteering, be the volunteer

Nuova Acropoli will present the training course for Volunteers on Saturday 10 April at 5:00 pm in online mode. The course, constantly renewed, aims to make the different nuances and emotions of being a volunteer live in an always innovative way and is aimed at all those who want to feel an active part of their city and their world, becoming protagonists of a necessary change .

The training will focus on three areas: civil protection, to learn how to act in an emergency; solidarity, to learn to help those in need; ecology, to learn how to take care of “our home”. And to ensure that what they have learned will immediately find a clear application, all participants will be invited to get involved through practical exercises and the implementation of activities aimed at the benefit of our city.

A real adventure through which you can experience the joy of overcoming yourself, develop generosity and union with other human beings and nature! In addition, the technical part will be accompanied by lessons in Ethics: the volunteer is guided by timeless values ​​and deep feelings, by a great empathy and a strong sense of brotherhood; puts at the service of everyone their skills and knowledge, their smile and the desire to really help those who need help. We are waiting for you, and you … what are you waiting for to join us ?!

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