Live TikTok broadcasts from Augusta prison: cell phones seized, but revolt ensues

Police officers of the Penitentiary Police and a riot occurred at the Augusta prison in the province of Siracusa, following the seizure of two cell phones from inmates who had been livestreaming on TikTok. The violence erupted again within the prison: after conducting inspections in the cells, the inmates vandalized the premises and attacked the four officers involved in the checks, prompted by a report. Various objects were thrown, some hitting the officers, requiring medical attention. Calm was eventually restored, but investigations are ongoing to determine how the inmates obtained the smartphones. Meanwhile, the Sippe (Penitentiary Police Union) is once again calling for concrete solutions to stop the wave of violence in overcrowded prisons with limited staff.

Detenuti in diretta su TikTok dal carcere di Augusta: sequestrati i cellulari, ma scatta la rivolta

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