Live shows in the suburbs of Palermo (and province) how to submit applications

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Over one million euros allocated by the Ministry for live performances aimed at social inclusion and enhancement of cultural heritage.
A few more days to present the projects

The Ministry of Culture allocated the total sum of 22,173,924.92 euros to support live entertainment activities to be carried out in the peripheral areas of metropolitan cities for “projects of social inclusion, territorial rebalancing and occupational protection, as well as to enhance the material cultural heritage and immaterial through the performing arts “.
These are FUS Funds, the Single Entertainment Fund.

To the municipality of Palermo and to individuals Municipalities capital of the Metropolitan City (the old provinces so to speak, ed) the sum of 1,548,567.95 euros.

The public notice (online from 16 June) aims at the distribution of Fus funds for business projects of live show intended to ensure social inclusion, territorial rebalancing and with them occupational protection, as well as to enhance the tangible and intangible cultural heritage with projects to be carried out in the suburbs of the municipality of Palermo and of the Metropolitan City.

Are allowed to participate “the bodies financed under the Single Fund for the Entertainment, the professional bodies operating in the live entertainment sector for at least three years as resulting from the charges paid to the Entertainment Workers Pension Fund.
These subjects may also organize themselves in a joint form , in this case identifying a leader as the sole interlocutor with this Municipal Administration and as the sole person responsible for the execution of the project proposal presented; in case of organization in this form, all the legal entities gathered must be in possession – under penalty of exclusion – of one of the two higher requirements identified “.

The sums earmarked have not yet reached the municipal coffers and for this reason in the notice it is emphasized that “this public notice aims only the preparation of a ranking among all the project proposals received, which can be used by the municipal administration in order to assign contributions to the projects deemed most suitable for professional activities in the field of live entertainment.
The eventual assignment of these contributions, in fact, can only take place in the presence of the necessary budgetary resources.
The inclusion of the individual project proposals in the ranking does not therefore entail obligations for the municipality of Palermo, nor can it in any way raise expectations on the part of the individual proposing subjects “.

One way to avoid any complaints in case there should be some hitch.
“We made a request to the Ministry – Fabio Guadagni, the head of the procedure, tells Balarm -.
There should be no problems but we preferred to be clear on this point: the disbursement of these contributions does not depend on us, which will then be assigned as soon as they arrive, to the projects deemed suitable.
According to the agreement, there are two time windows, the deadline for the submission of applications is July 16, in September there will be a list of selected projects that will have to be implemented in November ».

Project proposals must be submitted, under penalty of exclusion, by ordinary e-mail only.
It is only necessary to use the specific application form to be sent no later than 12.00 on July 16, 1022 at

All information and details can be found in the Public Notice.

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