Live hatching of turtle eggs in Trapani: excitement among beachgoers

During the summer months, the beaches of Trapani have become a popular nesting site for Caretta caretta sea turtles. Yesterday afternoon (August 28), at the Porta Botteghelle beach in the historic center of Trapani, many people were able to witness a natural spectacle: the hatching of dozens of small turtles. Over the two months of incubation, beachgoers, both locals and tourists, waited beside the nest in hopes of witnessing the birth of these new lives, and yesterday many of them were rewarded. Around 6 pm, dozens of hatchlings emerged on the Tramontana beach and hurriedly made their way into the sea, to the astonishment of the numerous tourists on the beach and to the joy of the many children present at the time. The deposition had taken place on June 27 and was immediately reported to the Italian WWF and the Trapani port authorities, who secured the nest area with a fence. “In anticipation of the expected hatching period,” says Silvana Piacentino, director of the nature reserve, “WWF staff from the Turtle Network had placed an information panel on the fence, containing guidelines for people to follow during the hatching and emergence of the young turtles. It was a good sign to see that those present respected the information on how to behave during the hatching.” In the early hours of the morning, the WWF was also contacted by a private individual who, excited and incredulous, reported the presence of some hatchlings in Marausa, in the municipality of Misiliscemi, at daybreak. It was a hatching that likely occurred during the night from a previously uncatalogued Caretta caretta nest. The hatchlings, presumably unable to find their way to the sea, had headed in the opposite direction, possibly attracted by artificial lights, and entered a private garden along the shore. However, they were directed towards the sea at first light by the homeowner who spotted them.

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