Livatino, is the day of Judge Beato: party in Canicattì and Agrigento armored

PALERMO – Canicattì, the city of Rosario Livatino, the first Magistrate Martyr raised to the honors of the altars, this morning woke up unusually early despite the Sunday day. Everyone wants to be in front of the TV to follow Rai live the beatification ceremony already started at 10 in the cathedral in Agrigento, a city that has been armored for the event not without controversy among citizens who complain about the deprivation of freedom to move. The solemn concelebration is presided over by Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Just over two hundred were admitted to the cathedral. The “universal church” of Rosario Livatino made up of faithful and fellow citizens will remain outside the place of worship and far from the area of ​​the cathedral of Agrigento, off limits since last Thursday. «This is not the party – says Giuseppe Palilla, president of the Association named after the Magistrate and his companion – that Rosario deserved and would have liked. Even those who supported with me and the Associations and Diocesan Postulation of this cause were kept away from this celebration. We apologize for faults that are not ours and we will try to remedy it ».

“Now that he is blessed, we must be careful not to make him a holy card to be invoked or celebrated. The best way to remember him is instead to imitate him in his shining example of civil and Christian virtues. Today more than ever, Rosario Livatino lives”. Don Luigi Ciotti, president of Libera and Gruppo Abele said so. “Rosario Livatino – he added – lives in the memory of those who knew him. He lives in the work of the cooperative of young people that bears his name, and cultivates the lands confiscated from the bosses. He lives in the admiration of many magistrates, jurists and students who they are inspired by him in cultivating the love for the right and above all for the rights of every person. He lives in the commitment of anyone who expends himself against every form of arrogance, violence and oppression of man over man. He was not a man of great certainties, but rather from the great and courageous questions. Doubt, the profound and fruitful question, were the driving force of his thought and the premise of his actions. Both in faith and in profession. He was not interested in an exhibited faith or a brilliant career . He adhered with sincerity of heart to the Gospel and embodied it in his life choices. With equal sincerity he adhered to the law to enforce it, knowing however that the law is always only a means, while the end is justice. the ability to question his conscience without discount did not make him uncertain in action. Indeed, he was a resolute magistrate, capable of carrying out inconvenient investigations and taking innovative paths, for example with regard to the confiscation of mafia assets “.


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