Little Mohamed found in Palermo after going missing from Santa Maria di Licodia.

The article reports the happy ending of the search for ten-year-old Mohamed Khalifa, a Tunisian boy who went missing in Santa Maria di Licodia on the night between the 12th and 13th of March. He was found in Palermo: the carabinieri located him near the church of Santa Chiara in the historic center, the child is in good health, but the military are now trying to reconstruct what happened and how the child managed to reach the capital city. Mohamed was identified by the carabinieri of PaternĂ² with the support of their colleagues in Palermo: an intensive search operation coordinated by the prefecture of Catania was launched to find him. Investigations are ongoing to determine if he left the community voluntarily. From the beginning, the entire town had mobilized and the mayor had made multiple appeals on social media, asking everyone to help in the search. The anxiety ended with the identification of the child in Palermo, but now it will be necessary to shed light on what happened and the reasons that led the boy to leave the community.

Il piccolo Mohamed ritrovato a Palermo: era scomparso da Santa Maria di Licodia

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