Little Elena was not killed at home

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“The traces of blood found” in the home of Martina Patti, the 23-year-old offender confesses to the murder of her 5-year-old daughter Elena, are “carry-over” and therefore “it can be safely ruled out that the murder took place at home “.
This is what the Public Prosecutor of Catania specifies after the investigations carried out by the police of the Ris.
Now, the investigators would be ascertaining the traces of blood found on a Martina Patti dress.
The item of clothing was seized during a search of the woman’s home in Mascalucia ordered by the Catania prosecutor’s office.
The tests will have to ascertain if it is blood, possibly of who she is and for how long it has been present on her dress in order to be able, if necessary, to connect it to the dynamics of the crime.

The discovery does not place the murder in the house, but coincides with the reconstruction of the woman who, among the declarations of her confession, had said that she had returned home to change her clothes and wash herself.
Operations she did, she explained, after returning from the abandoned fund where the child’s body was found and before going out to stage the false kidnapping of her daughter in Tremestieri Etneo by an armed commando.
In the house was also found the part of the pudding that Martina Patti had prepared for Elena that the little girl would not have finished eating to go with her mother – according to the reconstruction of the suspect – to see a place where her mother played as a child and where the little girl had never gone and she was curious to see.
That would be the place where Elena would have been murdered and her body put in plastic bags and semi-buried, according to the story of her mother, she confesses that, however, she does not remember the dynamics of the incident.

A few details emerged from the autopsy: the girl was murdered with over 11 stab wounds, just under twenty would seem, one of which was lethal: the blow to the vessels of the subclavian artery, which resulted in the non-immediate death of the victim.
The murder weapon has not yet been found despite extensive searches by the Carabinieri of the Scientific Investigations Section (Sis) and the provincial command of Catania and of the Ris of Messina who have thoroughly beaten the campaign where the body of Elena was found and her home.

News from Sicily 2022-06-20 12:37:00

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