Lists with the names of the unvaccinated, the Privacy Guarantor starts an investigation on the initiative of the covid commissioner

Editorial staff 06 September 2021 13:08

The action of the Privacy Guarantor continues towards initiatives aimed at promoting anti Covid 19 vaccination that are not in line with the legislation on the protection of personal data. The Authority sent a request for information to the Commissioner ad acta for the emergency from Covid 19 in Messina who, according to press reports, would have delivered to some mayors the list of names of residents in their territory not yet vaccinated (Florence has explained in a press conference that no list was given to the mayors but only to family doctors, ed). With the request, also addressed to the provincial health authority of Messina and its Dpo, the Guarantor intends to verify whether there has actually been the communication of the names to the mayors in contrast with the provisions of the order of the President of the Sicilian Region n. 84/2021 which provides for the communication of only the number of vaccinated persons per day. Furthermore, the Authority intends to verify compliance with the indications provided with the decalogue on the correct processing of data as part of the promotional actions for the anti Covid 19 vaccination, sent at the end of July to Regions and autonomous Provinces. On the basis of the Decalogue, Regions and Autonomous Provinces must identify solutions that involve only subjects of the National Health Service who care for the person, rather than territorial bodies (eg Municipalities). In this sense, the involvement of family doctors who are familiar with the health situation of the patients is desirable, also with regard to aspects that advise against vaccination either absolutely or temporarily. To carry out these activities, Regions and Autonomous Provinces must also make use of the Regional Information Systems – to which general practitioners are connected for access to the national vaccine register – without creating new databases or duplicating those already existing. . Finally, in the decalogue, the Guarantor recalls that it is forbidden to collect the reason for the non-vaccination of the patients, respecting the principle of non-discrimination, according to which it must be guaranteed that there is no negative consequence towards those who eventually do not respond. to the awareness campaign. Source: Dire

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