Lipari, two illegal properties will be demolished

Two illegal houses will be demolished in Lipari. But it took years and years of appeals and counter-appeals also to the Catania TAR and the Palermo Administrative Justice Council to reach this conclusion.

And so the Municipality commissioned the engineer Dario Mamazza of Messina, as safety coordinator in the planning and execution phase, for the demolition of a building owned by the vacationer GA, of Catania. The demolition will be carried out by Raimondo Paino’s company at a cost of almost 40 thousand euros. Then the Municipality will have to be compensated by the owner. A further 7,000 euros have been set aside for the company of Peppe Casella di Quattropani for the disposal of the material deriving from the demolition.

In Lipari, another illegal building owned by SS, resident on the island, will also be demolished. The company Eoliemutiservizi of Lipari will proceed with an expense of 20 thousand euros. Also allocated 2 thousand 440 euros for the company of Peppe Casella for the disposal of the material.

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