Lipari: Sandro Mazzola’s Comeback – My Beloved Father, My Inter of Yesterday and Today, I Was About to Become a Milan Fan…

Former Italian football player Sandro Mazzola J. and his wife Alessandra have returned to Lipari, a small island in the Aeolian archipelago. They reunited with their Juventino friend Gaetano Orto, but Mazzola, known for his loyalty to Inter Milan, made a statement by posing with a bike sponsored by his beloved team. In an interview, he spoke about his father Sandro and shared memories from the past and present. Photo and video available on

Lipari, il ritorno di Sandro Mazzola J: “Il mio grande Papà, la mia Inter di ieri e di oggi, stavo per diventare milanista…”

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