Lipari offers unsold food near expiration to the poor

In Lipari center, Caritas has closed its doors, while continuing its activity in the Canneto district. However, to help the neediest families, volunteers from the Red Cross of the Aeolian Islands have become active, thanks to the campaign initiated by

Owners of restaurants, pizzerias, rotisseries, bars, bakeries, pastry shops, supermarkets, butchers, and fruit and vegetable shops have made their availability to provide hot meals and essential goods that are close to expiration, for the increasingly numerous families on the island who are facing difficulties.

The first to benefit was Pasquale (pictured), the hermit who lived under the dangerous bridge of Porticello, but after the Metropolitan City of Messina issued the ordinance for the two bridges at risk (blocking traffic to and from Acquacalda, allowing only residents, until a bypass is built), he autonomously moved to a safer place, still in the agricultural area of Lipari.

Thanks to the coming and going of Red Cross volunteers, led by Francesca Saltalamacchia assisted by Giusy Famularo, Graziella Buttò, and Claudio Lipari, many citizens are already on a list held by the Red Cross and also by Don Gaetano Sardella, who have started benefiting from their noble work. Once again, the hearts of the people of the Aeolian Islands have shown their generosity.

Lipari, ai poveri il cibo invenduto e vicino alla scadenza

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