Lipari: Evaluating Solutions to Restore Coastal Balance with Canneto Sea Surveys

In Canneto, the number one tourist destination in Lipari, the promenade has been hit by continuous storms for decades, causing damage to businesses, homes, and even cars. Despite millions of euros being spent on securing the popular beach, the problems persist. To understand the cause, environmental investigations have been authorized and topographic and sedimentological analysis will be conducted. The aim is to stabilize the seabed and characterize the coastal area, in order to restore balance to the beach and improve protection systems. Recent rockslides have led to the prohibition of certain coastal areas and the commander of the port has issued a new ordinance banning certain activities in the sea until the surveys are complete.

Lipari, partono i rilievi nel mare di Canneto per studiare gli interventi idonei a riequilibrare la costa

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