Lipari, cameras and environmental guards to track down those who leave waste on the street

“To combat the wild deposit of waste, cameras and environmental guards are on the way”. After the approval of the budget by the Municipality, the councilor for refuse collection Gianni Iacolino made it official. “The current year is coming to an end – he says – and there are many considerations on what has been done in the field of waste collection and on what remains to be done, on how the problems have been tackled and on what margins there may be for improving the interventions . And all this with numbers in hand, aware of the possible margins of movement based on the rules and regulations in force. It is a duty of those who administer to give timely answers to citizens and, above all, to clarify topics on which the noise risks covering the logic.

Throughout the summer there was a constant commitment from all components of the waste collection chain and, despite the strong increase in tourist numbers, the islands showed their best face. Someone’s incivility was a cause for inconvenience, but, all in all, bearable. With a punctual video surveillance of the territory, few would have dared to make a mess, but it was not yet possible to intervene on this aspect of video surveillance. Today, after the extension of differentiated waste collection to the other north and west areas of Lipari, we are witnessing an indecorous and humiliating image of our community which mortifies not only the territory, but also the vast majority of those who have the patience, home, to distinguish the various types of waste.

“To claim that the cause of all this crap – he specifies – see some Pianoconte workstations, is due to an insufficient number of containers is a ridiculous excuse (see the case of Rome), good only to justify those who do not respect times, days and proximity stations related to one’s own home. By underestimating these aspects, you are only playing the dirty game to the detriment of those who respect the rules. The separate collection service is based above all on the collaboration of citizens, because correct separation begins right in our homes.
It is precisely today’s news that the attempt made in Rome to greatly multiply the number of undifferentiated containers has not changed the situation one iota. Undifferentiated bags on the streets and sidewalks of the capital; everything like before. And yet, with the same volumetric calculations of the bins for population density made in Rome, in Italian cities and towns with a history of urban decorum behind them, all this rubbish heap never occurs”.

“If in our islands – adds Iacolino – there will be some discrepancies to be corrected, it will be done. But behaviors that have nothing to do with a civil community cannot be justified in any way. Why am I writing all this? Because I hope that those who violate the rules of common sense understand that this cannot continue. Even if they will have little hope of ever getting away with the new year – finally the commissioning of the environmental guards and the purchase of video cameras will take place – it would be desirable for these citizens to reason by conviction and not out of fear of the sanction “.

“Despite all the effort put in place – concludes councilor Iacolino – only with the collaboration of citizens can we recover resources, lightening the Tari, and reduce the amount of undifferentiated waste destined for landfill disposal (where only non-recyclable materials must end up ). Separate waste collection in Italy has been a legal obligation since 1997. Each of us, with a little more attention, can and must contribute to changing things”.

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