Lipari, Bagnamare case at risk of collapse and road in disrepair

In Lipari, at Bagnamare, some houses are at risk of collapse due to continuous landslides and the road below is also reduced to a state of disrepair. All this just steps away from the fire station. “Regarding the issue,” explains Civil Protection officer Nico Russo, “the Metropolitan City of Messina is intervening, having already cleared the slope of vegetation and removed unstable material. Additionally, the Metropolitan City is working on the service road to Porticello and securing the slopes.”

In Bagnamare, a road of vital importance as it allows access to the tourist locations of Canneto and Acquacalda and vice versa, there have been two incidents of water leakage in the water pipeline, leading to road closures. After repairs by the Bel Mar company, a new water leak occurred, resulting in the road being closed again for a couple of hours for further intervention, causing inconvenience to locals who are calling for definitive action.

“Let them finally decide,” suggests Beppe Cardile, “to dig up the old pipes and replace them! Every time there is a leak, it is patched up in some way. This is not enough.” “And place them outside the wall,” he adds, “to prevent further damage and make them easily inspectable.” “I have been coming to Lipari for many years, twice a year,” notes vacationer Patrick Kuhn, “one of my walks is to Canneto along the road. I am surprised that on this stretch of road, for a long time, we haven’t thought about pedestrians and haven’t installed a sidewalk for them: this stretch of road is particularly dangerous and cars travel at a very high speed.” Civil Protection officer Russo announces updates after Easter.

Lipari, a Bagnamare case a rischio crollo e strada colabrodo

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