Lipari, a 93-year-old grandmother transferred to Papardo by helicopter

93-year-old granny with neurological problems was transferred by helicopter to Papardo in Messina. The intervention was requested by family members and the 118 ambulance went to the hamlet of Lipari and the emergency room doctors requested the sending of the rescue aircraft. “Granny just got on the ambulance – she commented – it’s the first time I’ve traveled on a helicopter…”.

And the news also comes from Papardo that from 1 January Dr. Mario Paino di Lipari will leave his post as commissioner to retire. Brilliant career both as a doctor at the Lipari hospital and above all as general manager of the Papardo whose hospital after years of decline with his advent has made a real leap in quality, also becoming a structure of excellence with various awards at national level. It goes without saying that it has also become the hospital of the Aeolian people, many of whose lives have been saved.

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