Lions Club Agrigento Host: new appointment with “add a seat at the table” at the Solidarity Canteen in Agrigento

The commitment of the Agrigento Host Lions Clubs continues to promote initiatives aimed at assisting the most vulnerable and needy groups in our community.
In line with what has already been done in the midst of the health and economic crisis, indeed, the club has again proposed the district initiative “add a seat at the table” at the Solidarity Canteen in Agrigento, the “Porta Aperta” missionary community.
The practice of solidarity has proved particularly important since the beginning of the pandemic, The Lions Club Agrigento Host organized a food collection to bring basic necessities to the most fragile people in the area, serving more than 100 families in difficulty, subsequently in anticipation of Christmas he also thought of the children, victims too of the economic hardship of families, giving away toys and pandorini. The last initiative of the year was the donation of a shopping voucher for the “Porta Aperta” missionary canteen in Agrigento and even in these days the commitment to the most needy continues with “add a seat at the table”.
There are very many vulnerable categories who are paying a very high price in this crisis and that is why closeness and support must be the basis of a joint action shared between institutions and civil society. We Lions remain the duty to continue to be, in an ever more incisive way, the light of the path to take through solidarity and love for people who live in difficult conditions.