“Limited spaces with the construction site of the Ring”

The traffic around the port has now become hellish. Not a day goes by that the roadway of via Crispi, towards piazza Giachery, is not literally paralyzed by trucks lined up one after the other that harness the rest of the vehicles in transit.

The entrance of heavy vehicles into the airport was complicated for a mix of reasons: the main one is represented by the construction site of the railway ring which embraces a large part of the port area. A “hug” that stifles traffic, with repercussions inside and outside the airport’s boundaries. A situation aggravated by the controls of incoming vehicles, which are longer and more complex after the introduction of the green pass, and on Mondays from the unloading of containers (an operation that takes at least 24 hours) which adds to the ro-ro traffic. Pasqualino Monti, president of the Port Authority, does not hide behind the classic finger: “There is an objective problem – he tells PalermoToday – and it concerns the lack of space for the accumulation of heavy vehicles in a port that is not that of Los Angeles. Every day we work miracles, but as long as we don’t have the area where the Railway Ring construction site is left we will have to deal with traffic. ” Heavy vehicles currently enter the airport mainly from the Colombo gate and partly from Santa Lucia. This is the “hot” front around the port, which stops traffic even before the Amari gate. Thus creating, almost daily, a long snake of trucks. To break up traffic and make circulation more fluid, the Port Authority plans to open another entrance for heavy vehicles between the Santa Lucia passage and the Colombo, just before via Piano Ucciardone. “However, if the work on the railway Ring is not finished first – explains the president of the Authority – we have no way of doing it. Among other things, the delays in the construction of the Ring are weighing on the works for the new port-city interface, which in any case we plan to start in December “. According to the initial time schedule, RFI should have returned the area where the port stop will be built in February 2018. “More than three years have passed – continues Monti – and we still find ourselves with this ‘black hole’. to which we have repeatedly interjected, answers on the timing of completion of the works “. Once this area was freed, a so-called pre-accumulation space would be created for heavy vehicles which, together with the relocation of the container terminal to Termini Imerese, should lighten both the traffic on via Crispi and that inside the airport. “Our hope – concludes Monti – is that it should be sent towards the end of the works: unfortunately the delays of the railway ring, and I am referring to the entire work, we are still mourning”.

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