Licata restaurateur refuses to serve pizza because “it’s made by black people”, deemed as racist behavior.

The owner of the “Fauzzeria” in Licata, Gianluca Graci, took to Facebook to express his outrage after encountering customers who expressed discomfort at seeing people of color working in his restaurant. He recounts phrases such as “I won’t come to your pizzeria anymore because I found two black guys behind the counter” and “I’m not saying they’re dirty, but seeing them touch the ingredients is gross!” Graci also praises his black employees, highlighting their hunger for redemption, willingness to work hard, and gratitude for fair treatment. He criticizes the ingratitude of some white employees and concludes by proudly sharing a photo with his diverse staff. The post comes in the wake of a similar incident at another restaurant in Agrigento, raising awareness about racism in the region.

«Non vengo più perché la pizza la fanno i neri», un ristoratore di Licata si sfoga: «Voi razzisti fate paura»

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