Licata, poisoned baits: fear for dogs in the area of ​​the Santa Barbara parish

It is poisoned bait alarm in Licata after the reporting of residents in the area of ​​the parish of Santa Barbara. “Attention, in the area of ​​the parish of Santa Barbara there are some useless beings he’s putting poison around – we read in one of the many comments published on the page “We love Licata” -. The husky mother with blue eyes has already died – writes a resident -, she was sterilizing and did not harm anyone, indeed she was always in the parish in contact with all children and adults. Another small dog is missing, black and white, if anyone saw him dead or alive write it down, be very careful “.

On social media, the rumble of indignant comments has started that testify to the cruelty to which dogs and cats are subjected. “Just a comment: we live in an uncivilized country !!!“, reads the Facebook page.” Damn you lousy you do not have a quiet life and you blame these innocent souls, “writes a resident.

And there are those who invoke the presence of surveillance cameras: “Who is that madman who takes it out on dogs? Cameras everywhere! “. And again: “The children were happy at catechism when they saw the dogs”, “Just a comment: we live in an uncivilized country !!!”.

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