Licata museum tells the life and struggles of Rosa Balistreri

“The house of Rosa”: a museum dedicated to the famous folk singer, originally from Licata, Rosa Balistreri, known in the music world as “The voice of Sicily”.

The building hosting the museum is located at 42 Martinez Street, in the “Marina” area, and is the apartment where the artist was born on March 21, 1927, spending her early years there with her very poor family.

Inside the museum, visitors can consult books that recall the figure of the singer, listen to her songs, see photographs and paintings dedicated to her, as well as watch videos with her interviews and concerts.

The initiative to establish this museum was promoted by the municipality of Licata and the Center for Sicilian and Southern Italian Culture. “We made sure that Rosa Balistreri somehow returned to her home, the one she would later leave to meet people who would discover her great talent in Palermo and then in Florence, introducing her into the world of music,” said Nicolò La Perna, president of the cultural studies center.

“All the interventions to set up this museum, from the masonry work to the exhibition pieces, were done voluntarily by many generous people from Licata,” added the mayor of Licata, Angelo Balsamo. “Rosa Balistreri – he concludes – was the voice of Licata. And if through this museum we manage to enhance her artistic testimony, then we will have given voice to our city.”

Licata, un casa-museo racconta vita e lotte di Rosa Balistreri

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